Reflections on faith, values, kids, culture, entrepreneurship, and meaningful conversations

Why I Believe What I Believe (And Why You Do Too)

For years I have been seeking to utilize digital games to impact kids. This led to the creation of Lightgliders, an online game designed to encourage a biblical worldview, positive values, and meaningful conversations in the home. I have worked with a wonderful team of game designers, artists, producers, and engineers for some time now. And something happened last week […]

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The Only Man on Both Lists

If you received what appeared to be an official email from the IRS saying that you owed an additional $50,000 in taxes this year, would you just delete it? If you got a letter in the mail on Golden State Warriors stationary inviting you to meet Stephen Curry before their next home game, would you just throw it away?  (Please insert into […]

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A Rocky Relationship

And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others. ~ II Timothy 2:2 Ok, I fully admit, I am a sucker for Rocky movies. They are inspirational underdog stories with great training montages and adrenaline-inducing soundtracks. But, Creed is different. It […]

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