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The Most Important Skill a Child Needs

Summer is ending and kids are heading back to school. It’s an exciting time of year, but it can also be daunting for both kids and families. Kids are experiencing new teachers, classmates, and sometimes even schools. Parents are dealing with changing routines and crazier schedules. Every new school year brings about a new set […]

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Lightgliders on “The 700 Club”

Last month I had a unique opportunity to talk about Lightgliders on the Christian Broadcasting Network‘s flagship show, The 700 Club.  I was interviewed by a spectacular interviewer named Terry Meeuwsen, who asked really thoughtful questions. I was able to share how Lightgliders seeks to redeem the digital time that kids spend on their devices so as […]

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Brilliantly Brave Parenting

Recently, Julie and I were asked to share the story behind Lightgliders on the “Brilliantly Brave Parenting” podcast.  Our hosts, Robert and Brad, are dads who care deeply about parenting in this post-Christian culture. Rather than just writing about it, allow me to point you to it: Ok, now I have to write about it:)  But, […]

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