Lightgliders on “The 700 Club”

Last month I had a unique opportunity to talk about Lightgliders on the Christian Broadcasting Network‘s flagship show, The 700 Club.  I was interviewed by a spectacular interviewer named Terry Meeuwsen, who asked really thoughtful questions. I was able to share how Lightgliders seeks to redeem the digital time that kids spend on their devices so as […]

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Brilliantly Brave Parenting

Recently, Julie and I were asked to share the story behind Lightgliders on the “Brilliantly Brave Parenting” podcast.  Our hosts, Robert and Brad, are dads who care deeply about parenting in this post-Christian culture. Rather than just writing about it, allow me to point you to it: Ok, now I have to write about it:)  But, […]

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Taking Lightgliders to School

This past school year, Kingdom Scene had the opportunity to partner with two local Christian schools, an elementary school and a high school. At the elementary school, Kingdom Scene hosted a “Lightgliders Club,” an after-school program where students in 3rd through 6th grade would meet to play Lightgliders on computers and tablets, compete in game competitions, and […]

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