Kids Were Made to Shine

The Lightgliders tagline is “You were made to shine!” Our dream is that kids everywhere would catch a revelation of this truth at a young age. There are three reasons for this. Kids are taught today that truth does not exist and that life is an accident. Because post-modernism and naturalism rule our culture and education systems […]

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Violent Grace

Violent Grace. Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Violence and grace. One intends to hurt, the other intends to heal. One is motivated by hate, the other love. Yet, the more I understand grace, the more I recognize it has characteristics of violence. Both are aggressive. Both are active. Both are often on the offensive. […]

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The Myth of Universal Values

Recently I was asked to speak to an audience of grandparents about Lightgliders. I shared how the Lightgliders virtual world game is the result of looking for a culturally relevant and global way to impact the next generation with biblical faith and values. I talked about how kids get to enter into a story-based adventure and learn five […]

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