What is Kingdom Scene’s mission?

Kingdom Scene seeks to encourage faith, character, and service into kids before their teenage years and to be a strategic partner for parents and churches worldwide.  We seek to do this in a culturally relevant and global manner which has led to the creation of Lightgliders.

Who started Kingdom Scene?

Kingdom Scene was founded by a former youth pastor named Zach Fay. Having spent many hours with high school students in a mentoring role, Zach recognized just how important the younger years are. While in seminary,  Zach determined to find a culturally relevant and global way to encourage discipleship in the home.  Shortly thereafter, Zach’s sister, Julie McWilliams, joined him in making Kingdom Scene a reality. Julie also has a long history of working with kids in various ministry roles. In 2009, Kingdom Scene began.


Is Kingdom Scene a Christian company?

Kingdom Scene is a company that was started by Christians and seeks to apply biblical principles such as integrity, excellence, and the golden rule. Kingdom Scene has worked with people of all faith or non-faith backgrounds to produce Lightgliders.

Is Lightgliders only for Christians?

Kids of all faith and non-faith backgrounds have signed up to become Lightgliders and have found its gameplay of battling Machines, rescuing Gliddles, and restoring the land to be a lot of fun. The Lightgliders teaching content is separate from the gameplay and is completely optional. It is also distinctly Christian. We recommend Lightgliders for kids and families interested in using digital playtime to encourage Christian faith and positive values. Review the Lightgliders Parents page to learn more about the faith content included in Lightgliders.

Is Kingdom Scene affiliated with a particular church or denomination?

Kingdom Scene is not affiliated with a particular church or denomination. Using an advisory board of biblical scholars and parents, Kingdom Scene seeks to ensure that its Christian faith content is ecumenical (i.e., for all denominations), globally relevant, and applicable to kids.  Review the Lightgliders Parents page to learn more about the faith content. We recommend downloading the quarterly Conversations Calendar to catch a glimpse of the weekly faith and values content inside Lightgliders.

Why is Kingdom Scene focused on kids under the age of 13?

Research shows that beliefs and values are solidified before the teenage years. Lightgliders was designed with younger kids in mind.

How do I use Lightgliders to spark meaningful conversations?

Download the quarterly Conversations Calendar located on the Lightgliders Parents Page to see what the kids are learning.  Review the  Lightgliders News to see the Bible-based lessons and activities inside Lightgliders each week.  There are new lessons, themes, Scriptures, and reflection questions found in Lightgliders each week.  Use these tools to spark meaningful conversations at the dinner table, before bed, or during the car ride home from school.

What does Lightgliders cost?

Lightgliders is free to access on computers and free to download in the app stores. A paid subscription provides unlimited access to the gameplay, features, and content. The costs vary based upon the subscription length you choose. There are various subscription options for individuals and families. Check out the Lightgliders pricing page to learn more about the subscription types and costs.