Hope and Purpose through Fun and Games

Kingdom Scene is a company seeking to encourage hope and purpose into kids’ lives using fun and games. Our desire is to impact kids, strengthen families, and have a lot of fun. We do this by creating engaging products for kids strategically designed to inspire reflection and conversations about biblical faith and values.

Our flagship product is a game world of Christian faith and fun for kids called Lightgliders. In Lightgliders, kids explore a world of ever-increasing adventures on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Lightgliders gives kids the opportunity to create a character, engage in story-based gameplay, and have fun in a safe, online environment. Additional activities encourage a biblical worldview and positive values such as humility, confidence, and love. Lightgliders was created as a fun way to inspire meaningful conversations between kids and those who care about them the most.

Kingdom Scene founders Zach Fay and Julie McWilliams are brother and sister, and have spent years working with young people in teaching, counseling, and mentoring roles.