Kingdom Scene exists to encourage faith, character, and service into kids before their teenage years and to be a strategic partner for families and churches worldwide.

The company was launched to create products strategically designed to serve families and churches in impacting the heads, hearts, and hands of the next generation. Kingdom Scene seeks to do this in a way that addresses the following realities:

  • A Crisis of Hope.  A crisis of hope, purpose, faith, and vision exists among young people. More kids grow up believing that life is meaningless than kids who believe their lives have purpose.
  • The Critical Younger Years.  The critical years are before the teenage years. Fundamental perspectives on truth, integrity, morality, and the purpose of life are firmly in place before the teenage years.
  • The Importance of Parents.  Parents are responsible for imparting character and values into their children. Yet windows of opportunity are decreasing, as kids spend up to 7 hours each day with digital devices and less than 20 minutes in quality time with mom or dad.
  • The Need for Conversations.  Kids are greatly impacted by meaningful conversations with those who care about them. Transformation takes place in kids’ lives through pivotal experiences and significant conversations.
  • The Power of a Biblical Worldview.  A biblical worldview is intellectually credible (i.e., head), existentially satisfying (i.e., heart), and helpful to human flourishing (i.e., hands). It substantiates values such as humility, confidence, and love. Click here to learn how.
  • Digital Kids and Online Games.  The generation of kids growing up today is digitally connected like never before. Digital games represent a culturally relevant and globally distributed way to engage and impact millions of kids.

After years of creative game design and plenty of kid testing, Kingdom Scene introduced Lightgliders, a virtual world of Christian faith, games, and community for kids ages 6 to 12.