Lightgliders is a digital world of Christian faith, fun, and games for kids!

Lightgliders is a digital world of fun games, videos, and interactive activities designed to encourage biblical faith, positive values, and meaningful conversations among kids, families, and faith communities. Lightgliders also provides access to a multiplayer computer game and community called Lightglider Academy, where kids get to create a unique character, play games, battle Machines, decorate Treehouses, meet other Lightgliders, rescue Gliddles, restore the land, and explore a world of adventure.

Available on phones, tablets, and computers, Lightgliders can be accessed by visiting or by downloading the Lightgliders app.

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Lightgliders is a story that teaches!
Lightgliders serves as a parable created to impart a biblical worldview and to help kids everywhere recognize that they were uniquely made to shine! Every kid gets to become a Lightglider and enter into the story. Lightgliders have three primary goals – to RESPECT themselves and each other, to RESCUE the Gliddles from the Machines, and to RESTORE the land from the blight. The overarching story and characters are used to encourage an understanding of the Bible and to teach the five values of a Lightglider – purpose, humility, confidence, hope, and love.

Lightgliders is a discipleship tool for kids!

Everything in Lightgliders is designed to:

  1. Teach a biblical worldview and values
  2. Encourage prayer and reflection
  3. Impart a vision for service
  4. Spark meaningful conversations in the home

The Lightgliders gameplay was designed to implicitly teach and spark conversations about the biblical narrative of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration, as well as the values it encourages. Additional activities and videos in Lightgliders provide kids and parents opportunities for meaningful discussions and family discipleship.

To learn more about the weekly lessons inside of Lightgliders, visit Lightglider News.

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