Recently, Julie and I were asked to share the story behind Lightgliders on the “Brilliantly Brave Parenting” podcast.  Our hosts, Robert and Brad, are dads who care deeply about parenting in this post-Christian culture. Rather than just writing about it, allow me to point you to it:

Ok, now I have to write about it:)  But, I promise I’ll be brief.

During the podcast, Julie and I were given the opportunity to share why we created a digital game world, a kids brand, and a children’s ministry all wrapped into one. Our gracious hosts were curious as to how it all began and how it can be used to impact kids.

As we were discussing Lightgliders, it became apparent that the vision behind it was birthed out of our father’s bedtime routine with us. In those moments at night being “put to bed,” Julie and I heard the gospel and developed a faith in Christ. Those simple, purposeful moments have had a powerful and eternal impact on us. Lightgliders was created to engage kids in the digital world that they love, but also to encourage more impactful conversations in the home. Like the ones we had with Dad long ago.

Around the 42-minute mark, our host summarized what we’re trying to do better than we ever could in two short sentences.

As parents, we think “What can I do to change the world?”  And the answer is, “Tuck your kids in!”

~Brilliantly Brave Parenting 

Mic drop.

Nothing else to say.


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