The Lightgliders app will be released soon!

For the first time ever, Lightgliders will be a cross-platform product accessible on cell phones and tablets, as well as computers. Lightgliders will also be expanded beyond its current virtual world game experience. It will include a variety of branded games, videos, and digital activities for kids designed to encourage faith, reflection, meaningful conversations, and fun.

See the below trailer to catch a glimpse of the Lightgliders experience that will be available.


Needless to say, we are more than excited about this. Our hope and dream is not just that Lightgliders be cross-platform, but that it be a “cross platform.” We want it to point kids and families to the truth, love, and hope found in the message of the cross.

Sure, it it may be considered cheesy to think of Lightgliders as a “cross-platform cross platform.” But, does it indicate what Lightgliders aspires to be?