The Silicon Prairie News published a nice article about Lightgliders recently entitled “Lightgliders Aims to Inspire Hope and Purpose through Fun and Games.” The Silicon Prairie News writes about the Midwest startup and entrepreneurial scene.

The article can be found here.

Two highlights from the article include quotes from Zach Fay, the founder of Kingdom Scene. The first is a reminder of the company’s mission and the second indicates its goals for the future.

Quotes from the Article

“Our mission is to engage kids and provide wholesome gaming content that parents can feel good about. We know from our research that parents want to have options in the digital age. Parents tell us they love Lightgliders, not only because it is ad free, but also because it provides content for meaningful conversations with their children.”

“Our three top goals on the horizon are to continue to add more immersive and community gameplay to our mobile experience, to optimize marketing channels, and to become a transmedia brand,” said Fay. “Our vision is for Lightgliders to transcend the game world and to leverage its characters and story-based adventures into books, toys, and perhaps a television show. We have a Lightgliders afterschool program in St. Louis, and we envision more of those as well.”

~Zach Fay, Founder of Kingdom Scene and Creator of Lightgliders

As we wrap up one year and move on to the next, these are good reminders as to what Kingdom Scene aims to do and where it hopes to take Lightgliders in the future. In short, Kingdom Scene seeks to help pioneer an underdeveloped (and almost non-existent) industry when it comes to digital games for pre-teenagers that encourage faith, values, and conversations. The challenges are many, but a worthwhile mission and clear goals provide tremendous direction and energy as we move into the new year.

Bring on 2019!