Last month I had a unique opportunity to talk about Lightgliders on the Christian Broadcasting Network‘s flagship show, The 700 Club.  I was interviewed by a spectacular interviewer named Terry Meeuwsen, who asked really thoughtful questions. I was able to share how Lightgliders seeks to redeem the digital time that kids spend on their devices so as to maximize the quality time that they have with those who care about them the most. Watch the interview below:

In the midst of the interview, Terry said to me that it sounds like we have created a “conversation generator” to be used among kids and families. I had never thought of or used that term before, but I am using it now! Yes, Lightgliders was created to generate conversations about life’s most important questions as well as the answers provided in the Bible.

Thank you, CBN, for having me on your show. And thank you, Terry, for summarizing Lightgliders so perfectly!

If you wish to read the article that CBN wrote about Lightgliders, click here.