“So what’s the story?” That’s a question we get a lot about Lightgliders, the kids game that Kingdom Scene has created. Well, it’s time we told you!

The Lightgliders Story: A mysterious substance called blight is covering the land of Glideon destroying its beauty and purpose. The land’s inhabitants, known as the Gliddles, reached out for help and transported Professor Christopher Watts from our world to theirs. Watts soon observed another crisis requiring attention. Ominous Machines were patrolling the land capturing the Gliddles and taking their freedom, dignity, and joy. In response, Watts starts Lightglider Academy to recruit, train, and send student leaders out to battle the Machines, rescue the Gliddles, clear the blight, and restore the land. The first class of Lightgliders included its seven current leaders—Bryce, Tambika, Kwan, Marlon, Tova, Nisha, and Santiago. Each with a unique personality and nation of origin, they train new Lightgliders to go on purposeful adventures to respect, rescue, and restore, and to reflect upon the The Far Greater Story.

The Far Greater Story: The Lightgliders story serves as an interactive parable to teach the Far Greater Story of God’s love revealed in the Bible. Kids enter into the parable as one of the characters. While engaging in fun gameplay, they learn the goals (Respect, Rescue, and Restore) and values (Purpose, Humility, Confidence, Hope, and Love) of a Lightglider. Weekly themes and optional activities convey how these goals and values come from a biblical worldview, the story of creation, rebellion, redemption, and restoration substantiated by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This Far Greater Story is not only true, but it also justifies human dignity, explains suffering, and gives us hope and purpose. Lightgliders exists to engage kids’ imaginations in a way that sparks thoughtful reflection, family discussions, and positive behavior. Every Lightglider learns that they were uniquely made to shine!

So, now you know the story. Maybe it’s time to enter it.

Guess What? You’re already in it. Take time to investigate how it’s far greater than you can imagine!