Welcome to our blog!

Kingdom Scene is a new company seeking to impact kids before their teenage years in the areas of biblical faith, character, and service in a culturally relevant and global manner.

This has led us to create a virtual world game and brand called Lightgliders that is web-based and available globally. Lightgliders was created for kids of all faiths to have FUN…with optional biblical faith and values features for families to enjoy. Parents can choose the setting that best suits their family.

Our desire is to spark significant conversations and meaningful interactions between kids and those who care about them the most. That is why we have that yellowish spark in our logo. We believe that the seeds of transformation are planted through significant conversations during the critical younger years of a kid’s life.

So, again, welcome to our blog! Here you will read posts about faith, values, culture, kids, mentoring, significant conversations, and entrepreneurship. We take these subjects seriously even if we don’t take ourselves too seriously!  That reminds me…we may tell a few jokes along the way.

Our hope is to be an encouragement to families and to help kids all over the world know with the greatest assurance that they were made to shine!