Lightgliders Team
Lightglider Parents!

Lightgliders is a fun game online for kids ages 6 to 12 designed to encourage biblical faith, positive values, and meaningful conversations. 

Kids get to create a character, play games, battle Machines, decorate Treehouses, meet other Lightgliders, rescue Gliddles, restore the land, and explore a world of adventure.  

Every Lightglider has access to Glidebook, a set of features with daily activities that teach a biblical worldview, encourage prayer and reflection, and spark meaningful conversations between kids and those who care about them the most.  Parents can choose to turn Glidebook on or off for their child and should choose the Glidebook setting that best suits their family.  Parents can also choose to receive updates on the daily activities in Glidebook to spark meaningful conversations at the dinner table, before bed, or on the drive home from school.
Lightgliders was created by Kingdom Scene, a company that seeks to encourage hope and purpose into kids’ lives during their most critical years. Kingdom Scene founders Zach Fay and Julie McWilliams are brother and sister, and have spent years working with young people in teaching, counseling, and mentoring roles. Lightgliders is free to play and is accessible to kids globally through the Internet. A paid membership offers unlimited features for both gameplay and Glidebook.  

The Lightgliders game is unlike any other experience online for kids.