Reflections on faith, values, kids, culture, entrepreneurship, and meaningful conversations

Encouraging Kids to P.R.A.Y.

With Lightgliders, we have strategically designed a game world for kids to do four things: Teach a Biblical worldview Encourage prayer and reflection Impart a vision for real-world service Spark meaningful conversations The focus of this blog post is on that second goal. How can a game world encourage kids to pray and reflect? The honest answer is […]

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Lightgliders: A Cross-Platform Cross Platform

The Lightgliders app will be released soon! For the first time ever, Lightgliders will be a cross-platform product accessible on cell phones and tablets, as well as computers. Lightgliders will also be expanded beyond its current virtual world game experience. It will include a variety of branded games, videos, and digital activities for kids designed to […]

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Kids Were Made to Shine

The Lightgliders tagline is “You were made to shine!” Our dream is that kids everywhere would catch a revelation of this truth at a young age. There are three reasons for this. Kids are taught today that truth does not exist and that life is an accident. Because post-modernism and naturalism rule our culture and education systems […]

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