Faith Like a Child

In 1993 the best college basketball player in the country was Indiana University’s Calbert Cheaney, and I was a HUGE fan. Little did I know that God would use Calbert to give me a glimpse of glory at an impressionable age. I was fifteen years old and in love with the game of basketball. My […]

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Green Shoelaces

Kingdom Scene was birthed out of a vision to encourage significant conversations in kids’ lives during their most critical years. The year before this vision began formulating in my heart, I worked at a camp for urban youth called Kids Across America. Here I learned the importance of pivotal experiences and significant conversations. Everyone who has spent […]

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Lightgliders: A Dream to Impact Kids

Last week, Kingdom Scene celebrated its 6-year anniversary. For the past six years, Kingdom Scene has been working to build a culturally-relevant and potentially global way to encourage significant conversations between kids and those who care about them the most — parents, grandparents, guardians, mentors, etc. It is our strong belief as a company that […]

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