Daily Sparks in Glidebook

Lightglider Parents! Every day there is a new devotional in Glidebook for you and your Lightglider to review. These are called “Sparks”. They have been designed to do the following: Impart a Biblical worldview Sparks use the characters and adventures from the Lightgliders game to teach an overview of God’s story as revealed in Scripture […]

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Glidebook Features: Gliddle Challenges

Lightglider Parents! Every day there is a new Gliddle Challenge in Lightgliders.  These are open-ended questions that encourage Lightgliders to reflect and write a journal entry in their Glidebook. Whether your Lightglider accesses today’s Gliddle Challenge or not, you have the opportunity to review it in your Parent Account or through the daily Table Talk […]

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Lightglider Parent Features

Lightglider Parents! Remember to access your Parent Features. These were designed to spark conversations with your kids at the dinner table, before bed, or during the car ride home from school. Login to your Parent Account to review the past week’s activities in Glidebook. They include conversation starters (called Gliddle Challenges), devotionals (called Sparks), and […]

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