Kids Spell “LOVE” Differently

Lightglider Parents!Never forget that kids spell “love” T-I-M-E.Spending time together is one of the greatest ways to show kids that you care. Click HERE to learn how the creator of Lightgliders came to a better understanding of this truth.  

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The Power of a Biblical Worldview

Lightglider Parents! Did you know what Johnny Cash said about the Bible?  He said this:I read novels but I also read the Bible. And study it, you know? And the more I learn, the more excited I get. ~Johnny Cash Click HERE to read a defense of the worldview relayed through the Bible. Johnny Cash found […]

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Learning from Spider-Boy

Lightglider Parents! Lightgliders have three goals in the game: to respect, to rescue, and to restore. These goals are based on the ministry of Jesus, the great respecter of life, the passionate rescuer of souls, and the powerful restorer of this world. Until Jesus comes back to complete his mission, we seek for Lightgliders to live […]

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