The Resurrection is the Foundation for Biblical Faith and Values

Lightglider Parents!Lightgliders was created to encourage biblical faith, values, and meaningful conversations between kids and those who care about them the most.Unlike most philosophies or religions, at the heart of Christianity is a historical event that can be investigated.  Click HERE to begin the investigation that, if proven true, substantiates the biblical worldview.  

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Finding the Extraordinary Within the Ordinary

Lightglider Parents!Lightgliders was created with intentionality. The Lightgliders team shown here serves as role models in the game. Each was developed with a different personality, country of origin, and passion for service. With distinctive strengths, weaknesses, and gifts, these leaders of Lightglider Academy are there to help kids catch a vision for how they were uniquely created to shine. […]

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Faith Like a Child

Lightglider Parents!  Seeds of faith, hope, and purpose are planted at a young age. Encourage your Lightgliders to pray big prayers. When he was young, the creator of Lightgliders had a simple prayer answered in an extraordinary way that impacted his faith. Click HERE to read it. We can always point to the cross and […]

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