Pivotal Experiences and Meaningful Conversations

Lightglider Parents! Lightgliders was birthed out of a vision to encourage more meaningful conversations between kids and those who care about them the most. Click HERE to read about a boy from an urban environment, who learned for the first time that he has a Father who loves him. Never forget that God uses pivotal experiences and […]

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The Story Behind Lightgliders

Lightglider Parents! Lightgliders was created as the fulfillment of a dream to impact kids in a culturally relevant and global way The average kid spends 7 hours each day digitally-connected and less than 20 minutes of quality time with mom or dad. We hope to leverage the digital time to maximize the quality time. Click […]

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Anchored in the Father’s Love

Lightglider Parents!The primary goal of Lightgliders is to impact kids. The secondary goal is to give tools to parents and caregivers that help kids realize how greatly they are loved. Click HERE to read the story of how the creator of Lightgliders was impacted by a father’s love.  “How great is the love the Father […]

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