Lightgliders Table Talk

Lightglider Parents! The #1 reason Lightgliders was created was to impact kids in a fun way. The #2 reason was to give you catalysts for meaningful conversations. In other words, we designed Lightgliders with you in mind!  Therefore, you need to know about Lightgliders Table Talk. Lightgliders Table Talk is a daily email that you […]

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A Blessing on Christmas

Lightglider Parents! Remember that you, more than anyone, have the opportunity and the responsibility to speak wisdom, counsel, and purpose into your kids’ lives. Click HERE to read how a father’s blessing on Christmas day ignited the creation of Lightgliders. Glide on!

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Daily Prayers in Glidebook

Lightglider Parents! Remember to pray with and for your kids. The daily prayers in Glidebook are designed to encourage a habit of prayer in every Lightglider.  Each day there is a new one.  Review today’s prayer in your Parent Account and know that Lightgliders all over the world are praying that prayer today. An example […]

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