The Far Greater Story

“So what’s the story?” That’s a question we get a lot about Lightgliders, the kids game that Kingdom Scene has created. Well, it’s time we told you! The Lightgliders Story: A mysterious substance called blight is covering the land of Glideon destroying its beauty and purpose. The land’s inhabitants, known as the Gliddles, reached out […]

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Lightgliders: New Look, Same Fun

Gear up Lightgliders! A major update to the Lightgliders app was released today!  Lightgliders has a new look and feel. So make sure you download the updated Lightgliders app! It’s now easier than ever to find the games and activities you love with the new content layout and scrolling system. And, there is a new […]

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The Most Important Skill a Child Needs

Summer is ending and kids are heading back to school. It’s an exciting time of year, but it can also be daunting for both kids and families. Kids are experiencing new teachers, classmates, and sometimes even schools. Parents are dealing with changing routines and crazier schedules. Every new school year brings about a new set […]

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